Top Five Most Beautiful and Successful Lawyers in the World

A lawyer is no longer just a man’s world. Sometimes, the best man for an attorney’s job is a woman. And some of the women in the field of law are both amazing physically and intellectually. They have achieved several recognitions in their works and they attracted a lot of interest because of their head-turning looks. 

Here are the top six women who rule the world of law: 

5. Rachael O’Hagan

She is a lawyer based in London who specializes in engineering, construction, and technology disputes. She is known for being sensitive to her clients’ needs and has a way of explaining complex issues in a direct manner. She handled and won several cases of complex high-value construction and commercial cases. 

4. Mika Mayer

Mika Mayer is a resident expert of Morrison & Foster LLP when it comes to patent laws in the medical device and drug delivery equipment. She holds the record as the youngest lawyer to enter the prestigious law firm. She builds her reputation as one of the best patent lawyer in the United States. Because of her expertise, she received several awards which include “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers, “Top 10 IP Attorneys Under 40 in the U.S.” by Law360, and “Top 25 IP Portfolio Managers in California in 2003-2004.

3. Laura Bell

Don’t be misled by her gentle looks with that charming face, warm smile and big brown eyes.  She is one tough lawyer. She received the distinction as a “Leader in the Field” for employment by the UK Bar Directory in 2014.  She is often described as a friendly and approachable lawyer by her peers and clients.

2. Shaheed Fatima 

With that brain and beautiful eyes, delicate dimples, and wonderful smile, it is very likely that her name will appear on this list. Her work ethics are also very commendable. She works meticulously, devours a lot of time understanding the case, and explains very technical issues in simpler terms. She received the Human Rights Lawyer of the Year in 2007.

1.Natalia Poklonskaya

She stole the hearts of millions of fans around the world after her press conference on March 11, 2014, went viral on YouTube. She is young and yet already accomplished. She was handpicked by Vladimir Putin as Attorney General for Crimea. She served as an assistant district attorney in Ukraine from 2002-2014. At her mid 30’s, she is still very young when she held the Attorney General post. Her looks complement her brain; she is so pretty that she can be an actress or a model if she were not in public service.